skylight installation in Lancaster, PA
Looking to add a skylight to your living space? Consider the best skylight product on the market: Velux. George J. Grove exclusively installs Velux skylights for their superior quality product, supported by extensive testing, quality control, and guarantee. By adding a Velux skylight to your home, you’ll add naturally-beautiful sunlight into your living space.

Advantages of Skylights

  • Natural Light. Skylights allow natural light to brighten up a dark room. This way you can enjoy the early morning rays of sunshine, see the orange glow of a sunset, and the natural beauty of a bright sunny day.
  • Control light. By installing skylight blinds, you can control the amount of sunlight that passes through the skylight in the same way you control your other windows. Choose from either manual or remote controlled blinds in over 60 different colors and styles.
  • Additional venting and cooling. Choosing a skylight that opens provides fresh air into your living space. As heat rises, it can leave through an open skylight, reducing your need for air conditioning during the year. Skylights create a chimney effect, directing moisture and odors out of your home, which gives your home improved air quality and a fresh smell. And when you want the skylight closed, it is as easy as using the manual controls or remote controller.


“Perfect! – The sky light you guys installed for me is perfect. I really love it! It’s exactly how I imagined. I will definitely be using you guys again for future work, and recommending your services. Thank you very much!” — Jackie, Lancaster, PA

Go Solar and save 30% in tax credits with a Velux Skylight

Velux’s Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight includes a small solar panel on the skylight’s flashing. This panel uses available sunlight to charge a battery, which runs the electric motors for opening and closing the vent and the blinds. This means a faster, easier installation of the skylight, since we don’t have to run electricity for the motors. And with a 30% federal tax credit on both material and installation costs, these skylights make it even more affordable to enjoy natural sunlight.

Where Can a Skylight Be Installed?

Skylights can be installed on any roof surface, including asphalt shingles, slate, rubber, and metal. They can also be installed on a roof of any pitch, with proper flashing and seals to ensure a watertight fit. The only limitation to installing a skylight is your roof’s trusses; a skylight must fit between them so the roof remains structurally sound.

Expert Installation

Our team of installation experts work hard to ensure the skylight and your roof work together to prevent moisture from entering your home. When we install your new skylight, we first remove the roof shingles from the desired location, and then cut the roof open to fit the skylight. The skylight is carefully installed to ensure no water can leak through. Flashing and a waterproof shield is installed as an additional layer of protection against leaks from ice and water. Finally, the shingles are replaced and the trim is installed to complete the project.

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