Upgrading your windows with us is a stress-free experience.

Custom Window Installer in Lancaster, PA

We Make Window Replacement Easy For You

Replacement windows from George J. Grove & Son are the best in both quality and value. Our professionals install windows to ensure that they last for years with little maintenance. We take pride in our quality workmanship and hand pick products for their exceptional beauty and durability.

With replacement windows from George J. Grove & Son, you can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal, increase your property value, and save money on your utility bill.

The Cost of Not Upgrading Your Windows

Americans lose approximately $35 billion a year in energy through their home’s outdated, inefficient windows. In newer homes, windows comprise 10%-25% of the exterior wall space. According to recent studies, windows account for up to 25% of a typical home’s heating load and up to 50% of a home’s cooling load.


“I’m so happy with the windows my wife and I had installed in our home. Not only does our house look much better, our energy bills have been greatly reduced and the value of our home has increased as well!” — John K., Lancaster, PA


Add Windows To Let in More Sunlight

We not only replace existing windows, we can add windows to exterior walls, as we did for this customer in Lancaster.

This homeowner had never been pleased with the boring, all-vinyl siding wall. They also wanted more natural sunlight on that side of the house. We helped them choose a picture window for the first floor and two windows for second floor rooms. You can see the immediate curb appeal improvement.

This project took 1 day to complete.

Adding windows improves re-sale value and can be completed in 1 day in most cases.

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Financing Your Window Project Is Easy

Special financing is available through our partnerships with Members 1st Federal Credit Union.

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1st place for 2017 Window Dealers/Installers Category

“We needed a reliable company to install new windows at a 185 guestroom Hilton Franchise hotel. George Grove and Sons did a fantastic job. They researched all aspects of the job and identified the best products that suited our needs and standards. They were flexible and accommodating. The crews assigned were polite, kept the work areas clean and completed this job on schedule. “ — Willow Valley Associates


Set Up a Consultation With a Window Expert

Please take a minute to tell us about your project goals. A representative from George J. Grove & Son will assist you in selecting features that are right for your specific house and guide you through a hassle free installation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Request a Consultation or call 717-393-0859 to speak with a window consultant now.

window-insulationOur window installers take extra steps to ensure your windows perform at maximum energy efficiency.

Why Home Owners Choose Us for Custom Window Installation

Professional Installation. Even the best windows, if poorly installed, won’t perform as they should. That’s why our window installers go the extra mile to ensure that your replacement windows will perform as advertised, looking great for years and years with very little to no maintenance at all.

All of our professional window installers are trained following manufacturers’ recommendations. Since product lines change all the time, we make it a priority to educate our install team on new products and the latest installation techniques. By meeting regularly to discuss best practices, our team is constantly improving how we install, so we can produce the best results for you.

Value. Manufacturers recommend custom-made windows because they are made to fit exactly in existing openings and provide lasting value to your home. The way we caulk goes beyond normal recommendations for where the window meets the wall. This results in tighter-fitting windows that lower your energy costs, maximize the viewing area, and maintain their beauty longer.

Large Selection. Finding the right window to fit your home’s current decor often can be a challenge. We supply windows to fit anywhere, including unique geometric shapes and hard-to-find designs. Our windows come in a variety of standard colors, but if you’re having trouble finding the right color, bring us a paint chip sample and we can match that color. Our window experts are here to help you find the right size, style, and color windows that area exactly what you’re looking for.

Quality Products. We choose window manufacturers based primarily on two criteria – attention to design detail and having industry-leading technology in their products. For example, our manufacturers use custom-built machines to fill their window panes with 97% argon gas (compared to the 76% industry standard). This translates to more energy savings and better in-home comfort for you.

Competitive Pricing. Our window purchasing team buys in volume directly from manufacturers. Buying this way means we pass savings to our customers on high-quality, name brand windows. We can work with any budget and can make recommendations that will fit your budget accordingly.

cutting-window-trimWe’ll take the time to make sure your windows look great from the inside and outside.

What Quality Replacement Windows Can Do For You

Lower Energy Bills. Installing energy-efficient windows is a quick way to lower utility costs. Our replacement windows keep the outside elements from invading your home so you can enjoy a comfortable, and affordable, home temperature.

Provide Lasting Beauty. Our installation team learns how to remove and install windows from the manufacturers because we want your windows to look and perform better. The way we install windows provides a more aesthetically-appealing fit and finish. This means there are no spaces to fill in and the viewing area is maximized.

Increased Durability. High-performance windows are often constructed with better quality materials that can result in stronger, easier to operate, and longer lasting windows.

Maintenance-Free. Vinyl window frames do not require painting and have good moisture resistance. Because the color goes all the way through the frame, there is no finish coat that can be damaged or deteriorate over time.

Improved Comfort. High-performance windows reduce conductive heat losses and gains, resulting in warmer interior surfaces during the winter and cooler interior surfaces during the summer. In homes, approximately 40% of our physical comfort is due to the radiant heat exchange between our bodies and the surrounding interior surfaces. Thus, high-performance windows improve comfort by reducing this radiant heat exchange. In addition, improved frames reduce drafts and provide more consistent temperatures throughout the house.

Improved Indoor Air Quality. High-performance windows often have air tightness rating of 0.2 cfm/ft or less, which reduces the amount of drafts penetrating a house. This air leakage can bring in dirt, dust, and other impurities that can negatively affect indoor air quality.

Better Insulation. Replacement windows are better insulated and more air-tight, which can reduce noise pollution. Low-E coatings block up to 98% of the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. This radiation causes window treatments, carpeting, and furniture to fade and wear faster.

Window Terminology

R-value. A measure of thermal resistance used to compute the heat lost through your replacement window. The larger the number, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness. Window insulation should be purchased based on its R-value and its U-value. Speak to a representative to learn more about air infiltration.

U-value. A measure of air-to-heat transmission (loss or gain) due to the thermal conductance and the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

Low-E coating. A microscopically-thin metal or metallic oxide coating that is applied to the glass by the manufacturer. It helps keep heat and ultraviolet rays from passing through the window. Virtually invisible, low-E coatings will keep the house warmer in winter by reducing heat loss and cooler in summer by blocking heat from the sun.

Argon-filled gas windows. The gas in the gap between the panes affects the window’s insulating value. Plain air works and is standard in some windows, but many recommend a heavier gas such as argon. Our argon-filled windows are more energy-efficient because argon is better than air at reducing heat transfer between the inside and the outside of the home.

Welded frames. Most dealers recommend frames that are welded over those that are mechanically fastened or screwed together. High-quality windows feature neat, well-bonded joints at the corners of the frame.

Advances in Window Technology

Modern replacement windows are simply more energy-efficient over older windows.

Low-emittance (low-E) coatings, double-glazed, argon-filled, and welded window frames have proven to decrease energy bills! Plus, hollow frame cavities can be filled with the same insulation that is used in a refrigerator, which increases the R-value nearly tenfold compared to an uninsulated or wood-framed window.

Advanced Glass Options. EZ Clean, Grids, Hardware, Finish options, Decorative stains.

You’ll find all of these features in our replacement windows. All of our replacement windows are EnergyStar approved.

Special Glass Options

EZ Clean Glazing. A special coating resists condensation and allows dirt to be washed off with plain water.

Grids. Internal grids improve heat gain from the sun and block out more light.

Decorative Stains. Add a flair of color to any room and still get the same insulating benefits of clear, triple-pane glass.

Looking For More Than Just Windows?

Here are just a few of the ways our home improvement experts can enhance your home:

  • Replace worn-out, drafty entry doors
  • Upgrade your siding and gutters for better exterior protection
  • Add more natural light with a skylight
  • Protect your home and add value with a new roof
  • Create more living space with an addition or sunroom

Project Details

Time Frame. A project’s time frame varies based on the size, but we have a very effective work process. Our installers specialize in window installations and work in small teams to complete your project as efficiently as possible.

Cleanliness. We take great care to be clean and conscientious about how we work. We’ll treat your home as if it is our own.

george j grove window showroomVisit our showroom to see sample windows and speak with a window consultant.

Set Up a Consultation With a Window Expert

Please take a minute to tell us about your project goals. A representative from George J. Grove & Son will assist you in selecting features that are right for your specific house and guide you through a hassle free installation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Request a Consultation or call 717-393-0859 to speak with a window consultant now.